I debated whether to bake all the cookies at once. This time of year, who needs all those extra calories around? Well, I can freeze most of them, I thought. Somehow, four of us ate all but about a dozen of the four dozen cookies in one evening. They were so delicious, it was hard to stop.

Most were not as pretty as the ones in the picture. I did not realize until a couple of cookie sheets were in the oven that the cookies should not be laid flat because they just fall apart and brown too quickly. Also, cutting the slices thicker helps keep them from falling apart. The earlier cookies fell apart and got a little too brown. That did not stop anyone from gobbling them down.

I found the dough difficult to work with. It cracked when I started to roll it out, although I was able to patch it together. It also liked to tear as I rolled it up around the filling. None of this mattered to the tasters in my house, all they noticed was the delicious not too sweet filling inside crispy, buttery pastry.

The recipe for these and other delectable desserts are in Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan.

Photo by Maddy HaldemanIMG_0254.JPG