A quick, delicious cake that makes a great snack and is the perfect ending to dinner. 

Start out by macerating the peeled, chopped rhubarb with sugar for half an hour. Drain the syrup and save to mix with sparkling water. Delish!

Cook sugar in melted butter until just beginning to color.

   Add the rhubarb and cook until lightly carmelized.

Pour rhubarb into buttered pan. I substituted an eight inch square pan for the nine inch round pan called for in the recipe.  

 Whisk together flour, baking powder and salt.

  Beat together eggs and brown suger until thick and smooth. Then add the vanilla (I left out the optional lemon zest.) Add the melted butter in three additions, then do the same with flour mixture. Whisk until the flour disappears into the mixture. 

  Pour batter over the rhubarb and bake until golden brown and pulling away from pan. After two minutes, turn cake out onto serving platter. 

  I was out of red currant jelly (horrors!) so I substituted Bonne Maman cherry preserves. I heated the preserves first so they were easier to spread. 

  This was a nice ending to a family get together. We all loved it and vanilla ice cream is the perfect accompaniment.