A simple shortbread made special by flowers and flour. This recipe took me to the store to find hibiscus tea, rose extract and white rice flour. White rice flour was easy to find. I purchased rose water because I could not find extract. I found hibiscus tea but could not find my reading glasses. When I got home I saw the tea has stevia in it. No good! 

But I remembered the floral tea I purchased at the Spice Market in Istanbul. It has many types of flowers and makes delicious tea, surely it will make delicious cookies? 

Because I intend this recipe for friends who are coming to my house for tea and cookies this week, I doubled the recipe to make sure my tea substitute would work. My husband and I tasted the result. A delicate and delicious floral scent and taste, reminiscent of the lavender shortbread I have made. I chose not to ice them because we agreed they are sweet enough.

These cookies are special and would make a nice gift. Another wonderful recipe from Dorie’s Cookies.