Not your ordinary thumbprint cookie. In fact, no thumbprint needed. This is a composed cookie: sablé (a French shortbread) dough as a base, jam spooned into the center, and streusel topping scattered around the edge. The shortbread is crunchy, the jam is gooey and the the streusel is chewy. An excellent marriage of textures.

I baked these on the Fourth of July and didn’t hurry through the process. I took out the butter and eggs for the sablé dough first thing in the morning so they could come to room temperature. The streusel needs to chill so I made that right away in my stand mixer. Here it is ready for the fridge:

After the butter and eggs came to room temperature, I made the sablé dough, rolled it out and put it in the fridge for two hours. When properly chilled, I cut two inch circles of dough. I didn’t have a two inch round cutter, so I used a champagne flute that has a two inch rim. When the dough occasionally got stuck, I used a small offset spatula to get it out of the glass. Sometimes you have to improvise! The circles of dough are placed into buttered muffin tins,

topped with blueberry preserves,

and finally topped with streusel.

After baking for 20 to 22 minutes they are golden brown. 

After resting in the tins for fifteen minutes, they are ready to finish cooling on racks. You can’t be faulted if a couple make into your mouth before they get to the rack.