Another chocolate chip cookie? Ah, but what a cookie! The substitution of whole wheat and buckwheat flours for some of the usual all purpose flour makes these special. I wish I had been able to find the Wolff’s kasha the recipe calls for, but I will hunt that down for next time. This time around, finely chopped toasted pecans stood in nicely.

Dorie tells you to pull the cookies from the oven when they seem underdone. Could not bring myself to do that. At ten minutes they still needed to spread a little more so I kept them in for an additional two minutes. They were almost too brown in the bottom, but not quite. Although I used a cookie scoop for uniformity, few cookies were perfectly round. Perhaps it was because they chilled for longer than an hour. I got enough to shoot a pretty picture and my husband and I weren’t concerned with the appearance of the ones we ate. I will definitely make these again!