Dainties are a good moniker for these cookies. Handle with care! Your efforts will be rewarded with honey-soaked deliciousness.

The dough is a quick mix of sugar, butter, oil, orange juice, flour, baking soda and baking power. Then comes the tricky part: forming the soft, sticky dough into ovals with indentations at their centers. I managed to get the dough off my fingers (so sticky!) on the pan and in the oven. Watch these cookies carefully. The first panful baked for the minimum time of fifteen minutes, rotating the pan at eight minutes. A little too brown (still yummy.) The second panful was rotated at seven minutes and out of the oven in fifteen. Perfectly done. The final panful was baked the same as the second and was slightly too brown for my taste. Curiously, even though I measured the dough with a small cookie scoop as instructed, I ended up with 29 cookies, not 18 as the recipe indicated. No complaints!

Use a spatula to move these cookies, even when fully cooled; they crumble easily, especially after you drench them in honey-sugar syrup. If you break one, don’t panic, just pop it in your mouth. I won’t tell.