This tart wows: its’ luscious appearance and heavenly taste will impress the grateful recipients of your efforts. It is not a difficult tart to make, but there are a number of components. So allow yourself enough time, and factor in the four hour chill time for the completed tart.

Begin with Dorie’s tart dough recipe, which is basically shortbread. You can roll the dough, chill, place it in the pan, chill again and blind bake. Or pat the dough in the pan, chill and bake. I chose the latter method, which saved some time. The egg in the dough creates a wonderfully yellow dough.

The coconut filling is essentially pastry cream made with coconut milk. Toasted and untoasted sweetened coconut flakes go in as well. I like Dorie’s technique of toasting the coconut flakes in the microwave.

The filling goes into the cooked pastry and is topped with a chocolate ganache. Pop the tart in the fridge for four hours and you have yourself an impressive dessert. Dorie says she created this tart when she was craving a Mounds bar. Unable to find one in Paris, she created this wonder. My family agreed it tasted like a Mounds bar. Except much, much tastier. I’m partial to Almond Joys myself so I may add a layer of candied almonds next time around. We didn’t finish the tart the first day (so rich!) but it held well in the fridge for two days.