It doesn’t snow very often in Seattle and when it does we all run to the store, buy everything on the shelves, then stay home and cook. One of my snowstorm meals this weekend was the Sweet Chili Thighs from Everyday Dorie.

I discovered, after the storm hit, that I didn’t have Thai sweet chili sauce. That may not seem like something one would assume is in their fridge, but it’s a staple I usually have on hand. (We have a wonderful local supermarket that has an incredible Asian food department.) So what to do? I mixed a sweet version of fish sauce and Sambal to create my own version of Thai sweet chili sauce. I reduced the soy sauce called for in the recipe to account for the saltiness of the fish sauce and added the Sriracha. Here’s what I used to approximate Thai sweet chili sauce:

Wow! I can’t tell you how this combo compares with Dorie’s original recipe, but I can say it is delicious. This recipe will be a new staple in our house.