There is nothing like the aroma of lemons to make it feel like spring is around the corner. These delightful little cookies have a hint of lemon and make wonderful companions for tea, coffee or a glass of milk. They are made with semolina and almonds flours, baking powder, salt, a small amount of oil, lemon peel infused sugar, eggs, vanilla, and option orange flower water. (I skipped the orange flower water as it is quite pricey.) The dough rolls into tablespoon-sized balls which are rolled into powdered sugar. You press your thumb in the middle of the ball, flattening it and causing it to crack. I found that the minimal cooking time was sufficient to brown the bottoms golden. My preference for texture was when the cookies were still warm from the oven. They get crispier after they cool, but then soften up the next day. Alas, you can only eat so many cookies at one sitting, so most were consumed in the following days, still delicious but without that fresh from the oven perfection.