Chaussons are the French equivalent of turnovers. This week’s tasty treat has a banana and chocolate filling inside a puff pastry exterior.

Puff pastry. I haven’t worked it much in the past but know that typically you purchase frozen sheets in the frozen food section of the grocery store. Making turnovers becomes quick and easy because you don’t need to make the pasty first. I went to the frozen food section and was confronted with four choices for puff pastry: the standard Pepperidge Farm puff pastry (containing, as I suspected, a number of things that didn’t sound like they should be in pastry), a gluten-free offering (don’t need that), a vegan puff pastry and an expensive version containing real butter. I went for butter.

I let the pastry thaw enough to be pliable then went to work on rolling it out to the proper size. I did that well enough, cut it as uniformly as I could, then transferred the pieces to a parchment-lined baking sheet to freeze for twenty minutes. I mangled the shape of some pieces during the transfer; more on that later.

I prepped the filling while the pastry chilled: I chopped semi-sweet chocolate chips into smaller pieces and cut up the bananas. Two bananas seemed like too much (I had large bananas on hand) so I only used one and a half. Even with that change, there was way too much filling.

I knew I was overfilling my pastry squares, but I really did not want to waste the delicious filling. Even so, I did not use all the filling. Because a lot of the pastry squares became rectangles as they were transferred to the baking sheet, I decided not to fold them diagonally. And because I overfilled the turnovers, the filling leaked out as they baked. The result was a pan of pastries that was not pastry shop window worthy:

But you know what? They were delicious. There was even one left over the next morning to have with my mocha.