Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? I love that Dorie is always on the lookout for a new twist on that old favorite. Here’s one from a small restaurant in Paris, Mokonuts, that has some inspired additions.

Although the dough for this cookie comes together quickly, you do need to plan ahead: the butter and egg must be at room temperature and the dough needs to rest in the fridge overnight. (Wish I’d read the recipe once more before the day I had planned to bake them!)

Butter, sugar and brown sugar cream together in a stand mixer before the egg joins them. The flours (rye and all purpose), baking powder and baking soda get added all at once. Finally, chopped bittersweet chocolate, dried cranberries (I used fruit juice-sweetened) and poppy seeds are mixed in.

I wanted my cookies to be consistent in size so I weighed the dough and divided by 15. I weighed out fifteen 53 gram pieces of dough and rolled them into balls. I put seven balls on a cookie sheet and set them in the fridge. I froze the remaining eight balls of dough for another time.

The following evening, I baked the cookies. Before baking, a little flaky salt for that salty-sweet goodness (I used Maldon.) After 10 minutes of baking (it took 12 minutes in my oven) the cookies are tapped down to flatten them, then allowed to rest on the baking sheet.

Salty, gooey, crunchy, chewy, sour, sweet delight. I think I’ve found a new favorite.