Lots of chocolate and coffee in these muffins: cocoa, chocolate chips, ground coffee and coffee extract combine to make tasty treats. Heads up: the eggs and milk must come to room temp before you get started, so plan ahead.

The flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and salt get sifted together, then the ground coffee and sugar join the mix.

Cooled, melted butter is whisked with milk, eggs and coffee extract (the recipe for the extract is in the cookbook.) The liquid ingredients are then mixed into the dry with a rubber spatula until almost all the flour is blended in.

Then in go the mini chocolate chips (I chopped regular chips a little finer since I had them on hand.)

The muffin tins are quite full after the batter is added and the muffins puff up nicely while they bake.

We had an afternoon treat the day I made these and the rest went in the freezer for another day.