I made these wonderful cookies as Christmas gifts and considered photographing them for when the baking group  for Dorie’s Cookies put these on the schedule, but decided not to. Of course they were selected as the first recipe for January. So here I go again!

I’m happy I had the excuse to make them again. They turned out better this time around. These cookies are slice and bake and as Dorie points out in the recipe, the logs of dough don’t always hold together when you are forming them and they can break apart easily when sliced. I had a lot of trouble the first time I made these; the dough crumbled when making the logs and when sliced. This time the logs held together and sliced beautifully. I measured the width of the logs and the slices this time around. Turns out the cookies I made a Christmas were too small and too thin. They were still good, but this second batch was perfect.

It works really well to make the dough and roll the logs on one day and set aside in the fridge to slice and bake up to three days later. I made the logs this weekend and baked the cookies today for a potluck I’m attending tomorrow. They are sure to be a hit. If you like chocolate, you will love these cookies.