So lovely and delicious, this impressive tart is actually easy to make, especially if you get the tart dough going the day before you put the tart together.

I chose to make Dorie’s chocolate tart dough for the crust. It formed a nice moist dough that rolled out well. I followed Dorie’s instructions and rolled the dough three inches larger that the tart pan bottom.

I froze the rolled out dough, then took it out after a couple of hours and let it soften for ten minutes before putting it in the tart pan. I obviously did not let the dough sit out long enough before fiddling with it: the dough cracked in two when I picked it up and cracked even more as I tried to mold it up the sides of the tart pan.

But time heals all wounds. And cracks in tart dough as well. As the dough softened up, I was able to patch the cracks and create a cohesive shell:

After an overnight in the freezer, the shell was ready to bake. Twenty-five minutes in the oven covered with a piece of buttered foil, followed by about five more minutes without the foil. Now for the filling.

I brewed espresso and added rum to taste and let the mixture cool to room temperature. Meanwhile I loosened up some Marscapone in a large bowl using a rubber spatula. Next, I whipped egg whites and a pinch of salt then slowly added sugar to make a marshmallowy meringue. I then whipped egg yolks and sugar until the mixture turned a pale yellow. The egg yolks went into the Marscapone, followed by the egg white mixture, very gently folded in.

I had already laid out ladyfingers in the tart shell to see how to best fit them in, then removed them. A thin layer of the Marscapone went on the bottom of the shell. Then dipping each ladyfinger in the espresso-rum mixture, I added them back to the tart shell.

The rest of the Marscapone mixture went on top, smoothed with a small offset spatula. I chilled the tart until serving time.

Because we wouldn’t be eating the whole tart in one day (ha ha), I sprinkled our individual servings with shaved bittersweet chocolate after cutting them. The tart is delicious with a subtle, not-too-sweet flavor. The chocolate shavings added a slight crunchiness which gave the tart an interesting texture. It would make an impressive ending to a dinner party. In our house it was extra special treat after a Sunday family dinner.